Desk of Secretary

sayyad_nasir_shah_sccretary I Sayyad Nasir Shah (Secretary) of AL-KHAIR EDUCATIONAL & DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY have pleasure to declare the current annual report for the year 2013-2014 of our organization in the presence of all Hon'ble members of the society and respected invites/guests/public persons.

On behalf of the organization, I welcome to all of you in this annual meeting at Deoband. Our organization has performed very well to achieve its aims and objectives for serve the needy people, social advancement all over the country and we have performed well and givan best efforts for developing the global relation and friendship.

This year the organization targets its activities at SHAH INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT (In the memory of Allama Anwar Shah Kashmiri R.A.) and medical camps in villages needy poor people. Through the-AL-KHAIR EDUCATIONAL & DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY (REGD.) has always received tremendous support from community, and again it further strengthened its bond to community with direct house to house contact and group meeting at local level.

It is an opportunity to thanks all our friends and members,colleagues and our Promoter who have worked day-night for the social advancement in the country in all different conditions. Especially thanks to those colleagues in the states/ fields who are the front line of the organization and it is there hard labor, which inspires us. The members of the society need to be thanked for their kind and generous support, suggestion and having immense faith in the organization. Lastly we thanks to everyone directly or indirectly associated for social mission in the national interest by the end of this year with the AL-KHAIR EDUCATIONAL & DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY.
Who We Are

Established in the year 2009 and registered under the society's registration act 1860 with aim to do social welfare Activities..

Where we Operate

Mehmood Manzil, Mohalla Khankah, Deoband
Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Pin:- 247554

Our Activities